Privacy Policy

Like any website, we collect certain information. This includes the date and time of your visit, the pages you visit, and your IP address. This is pretty standard for any website you visit as it is the default behaviour of most web servers.

We use this information in the following ways:

  • Troubleshooting of technical, performance or security issues.
  • Generalised analytics (eg. amount of traffic we receive, what pages are bringing us the most traffic) which is done through tools internal to our hosting provider rather than through third party services such as Google Analytics.  While we have access to this information, we only enabled the various search consoles to ensure the site gets indexed.  We run no plugins or access this data in any way other than to troubleshoot issues with search results.
  • Anonymised security events are provided to the WordFence security network to assist with protecting the security of our website as well as others utilising the WordFence system.  This information relating to potential security issues is governed by the WordFence Privacy Policy and is done primarily to ensure the security of our website.
  • Third-party vendors may use cookies to help provide relevant advertising on our website.  If you wish to opt out of these third-party cookies, you can do so here.

We do not share this information with others, except in the following situations:

  • As required to help protect the security of our website and to assist in protecting the security of other websites through the WordFence Security Network.
  • To the minimum extent possible to allow advertising to be displayed.
  • Where we have your permission.
  • To comply with any relevant law.
  • To comply with a lawfully obtained court order.

We take measures to reduce the risk this information is accessed by unauthorised users, for instance by protecting it by two-factor authentication and other security measures we deem appropriate.