Author Tim Kerslake

Head honcho and tech guy behind the GeekJabber website, I also do my fair share of writing. I am a fan of vintage technology, casual gaming and music.

Zemblanity Review

I have felt it’s about time for me to check out another horror-themed game. It’s a genre I’ve had a look at in the past, with mixed results. It’s a genre I’ve wanted to explore a little more though, as when they are done well, they can be great fun. Zemblanity came to my attention…

Choosing a Web Browser

It has been widely publicised that, after 27 years, Microsoft is completely ending support for its once-popular Internet Explorer web browser. Internet Explorer is now end-of-life, and Microsoft will be taking steps to ensure it is no longer available for Windows 10 and 11 systems. Even if you are able to find ways to circumvent…

GeekJabber Live! – Episode 16

GeekJabber Live! Episode 16 will be happening at 8:30pm (Sydney) on Sunday 18 June.  That’s 6:30am East Coast USA or 12:30pm Sweden. Given the retirement of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, we will be discussing other options for web browsers.  Tune in at the links below.

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