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Head honcho and tech guy behind the GeekJabber website, I also do my fair share of writing. I am a fan of vintage technology, casual gaming and music.

GeekJabber Live! – Episode 18

GeekJabber Live! Episode 18 will be happening at 8:30pm (Sydney) on Sunday 17 July.  That’s 6:30am East Coast USA or 12:30pm Sweden. We will be doing another quiz show and trying to mix up the topics a little bit.  When the time comes, listen in on the links below.

Medieval City-Builder Civitatem Coming in August

Mill Games and LW Games have announced their medieval city-building game Civitatem will be coming to Steam on the first of August 2022. You will be tasked with raising a new settlement in dangerous lands by managing your villagers and assigning them tasks, researching new tech, fighting off the elements or raiding parties, explore and…

Asustor AS1102T 2-Bay NAS Review

It is very rare that I get an opportunity to do a hardware review. Most of my previous reviews have been games of some sort. However. I now have an opportunity to do my first hardware review. The backstory behind this is that I am in the process of getting a lot of equipment together…

Stick Go Story Review

I am probably going to draw a bit of a long bow here, but once again I am relying on my knowledge of vintage computing. Those who remember Microsoft Windows 3.0 would remember it came with a game called Reversi. The reason I bring this up is, when I initially looked at this game, the…

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