Halloween may arrive early for some people this year. XSEED have announced that Corpse Party will be releasing an updated and expanded version of the cult classic Corpse Party. The game will be available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, XBox One and Nintendo Switch.

The game builds on the series that started in 1996. While retaining the charm of the original series, the game has been updated with 16 extra chapters which expand the series’ lore, characters and relationships. Two new episodes also introduce two new characters to the mix ready for the next generation of horror fans.

The game will retain the retro 16-bit graphics style of the earlier games and include adventure-style gameplay that is a cross between point-and-click adventure game and a battle-less RPG.

The game will be available for $US19.99 on all platforms with a 10% launch discount. For PC, it will be available via Humble Bundle or Steam and via the respective app stores for the console versions.

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