Back in the summer of 2019, Ally Financial Inc. provided a challenge to four interns from historically black colleges and universities. The interns were to device a way to educate middle-school children about money to enhance their financial literacy. This challenge has now been met with Fintropolis, a new world based around the game Minecraft/ This map has been designed to teach financial concepts.

The reason for this challenge being made is concerns that financial literacy rates in the US having dropped since 2009. It is understood that less than a third of adults aged 18 – 53 can answer simple questions relating ot personal finance. This lead to Ally Financial Inc. approaching four interns via the their Moguls in the Making program to try and find a solution.

The team of interns engaged middle-school teachers, parents, principals and students to provide guidance on how best to approach the subject and provide a solution that was both fun and engaging. This research fed into the Fintropolis project to create a world that you can explore, learn about earning money, paying taxes, budgeting, building credit and managing debt.

Those involved in the creating of this project were then able to take their work back to their own middle schools to demonstrate it to a current generation of students. The four will also present a $10,000 donation to teach of the schools to provide support for critical technology and curriculum needs.

Minecraft and Minecraft: Education users can access Fintropolis for free via their website.

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