FPS: First Person Shooter is a gaming documentary featuring over 4 hours of behind-the-scenes stories and moments covering over 50 years of groundbreaking games.

The all-star cast includes id Software co-founders John Romero and John Carmack, System Shock and Deus Ex producer Warren Spector, Unreal co-creator Cliff Bleszinski, Halo scribe Joseph Staten, and dozens more.

Other designers and experts featured in the film include Build engine architect Ken Silverman, “boomer shooter” designer and producer Dave Oshry, Team Fortress co-creators Robin Walker and John Cook, pro players Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Randy “N0M4D” Fitzgerald, and Amy “Athena” Brady; veteran programmer Rebecca “Burger” Heineman, more id Software alumni including Tom Hall, Adrian Carmack, and American McGee; and Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St John.

FPS: First Person Shooter is available for a limited time. Editions include digital and physical formats, collectibles such as posters, a “big-box” style package reminiscent of FPS games from the 1990s, mouse pads, and more. Find out more at

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