I am pleased to announce GeekJabber’s first foray into a themed week.

From Monday the 11th of October to Sunday the 17th of October, I will be running “free week”. The goal will be to post as many reviews of I can of games that I come across that are either Free or Free to Play.

There may not be a million reviews published, after all GeekJabber doesn’t have an endless supply of monkeys with an endless supply of typewriters, we aim to get as many done as we can. The focus will be on recently released Free and Free to Play games. Some games may include in-app purchases, but we will avoid demos.

For those wanting to watch for when we release reviews, you can do so via our Discord server or follow us on Twitter.

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Head honcho and tech guy behind the GeekJabber website, I also do my fair share of writing. I am a fan of vintage technology, casual gaming and music.