This has already been announced at the end of our first GeekJabber Live show but I am now announcing it here.

GeekJabber now has a Patreon page! This has been set up for those who might want to support the GeekJabber site. I’m not expecting to become a millionaire, but any support will be welcome.

There are three different levels – $US1, $US5 and $US10. The $US5 and $US10 gives you an extra role within our Discord server so you have a way of showing your support. Not a member of our Discord? Click here to join!

Any money raised is initially intended to cover our hosting host and to cover any games that we might need to purchase for review. Anything additional funding not needed for the site will be shared among those that provide content for the site to help motivate them to help us with content!

Want to check us out on Patreon? Check the link here!

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