GeekJabber is excited to announce an upcoming project that will proudly bear the GeekJabber name – our very own YouTube channel!

Initially, our focus will be on hosting retro computing content set to be recorded and released in mid to late October 2023. This content will encompass various aspects such as restoring and upgrading an early 90’s 486 PC, showcasing a selection of retro software titles, exploring early 90’s internet and bulletin boards, restoring a Nintendo GameBoy, and bringing back to life several 80’s vintage 8-bit machines from our collection.

Additionally, we may feature exploration-style videos of intriguing places, although these will be of lower priority compared to our geeky retro videos.

So why not pay a visit to our YouTube channel, click that magical subscribe button (and don’t forget to ring the notification bell), and also keep an eye on our website and Discord channels to stay up-to-date with our upcoming releases?


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