I am happy to announce that GeekJabber Live will be starting soon!

So what exactly is GeekJabber Live?  It will be a live show that will be run once every few weeks where we will be going live with an audio feed and talk about various things geek and gaming.  As its name suggests, the show will be live to air, though it will of course be available for download shortly after we broadcast.  All you need is a web browser, or an audio player that allows you to tune into ShoutCast streams.

Shows will be announced via our website, Discord server and Twitter feed.  When we are live, we will also be watching the Discord server so you will have an opportunity to chat with us while we are live.

We do not call ourselves a professional outfit but we will be learning as we go and adapting based on your feedback.  So please let us know what you think via our Discord server!

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Head honcho and tech guy behind the GeekJabber website, I also do my fair share of writing. I am a fan of vintage technology, casual gaming and music.