Alawar Premium and Wooden Monkeys Studio have announced their game “Song of Farca” to be released on the Steam and Epic Games platforms on July 21st, 2021.

Set somewhere in the near future in the fictional city of Farca, technology has taken over to the point it is now impossible to live without it. IT corporations have gained so much influence that they no longer care about the law or about us mere mortals.

Playing the part of a private detective and hacker, the player must make use of the technology to solve complex, seemingly unrelated crimes with the help of gadgets, drones and your intellect. There are various ways to uncover information, including hacking and surveillance. You can then draw conclusions and apply them through dialog.

As the game progresses, the plot becomes more complex But don’t let your guard down, things could take an unexpected turn at any point and the unexpected may throw a spanner in the works. The things you thought have worked out might end up turning into a plot twist!

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