Super Rare Games, a leading physical game publisher, has announced a new original publishing label. This label will be known as Super Rare Originals. This team will focus on providing an avenue for indie publishers to release games for both PC and consoles,

Super Rare Games already have five games in their arsenal. Specific release dates are yet to be announced, but details are expected on these releases will be available very soon.

Super Rare Games intend to only sign indie games that they are genuinely passionate about, with their prime focus being on sharing cool games with cool people. This is in contrast to the impersonal trends that the industry is sometimes known for.

The games that are already signed follow, along with links to their Steam page where available so you can wishlist the games and be notified of when they are available for purchase.  You can also get more information via their website.

Grapple Dog

Grapple Dog is a 2D pixel-art platformer from veteran developer Jsoeph Gribblin. You play character Pablo the Grapple Dog, who will need to use his grappling hook to get through a series of challenges to stop robotic overlord Nul from destroying the world.

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Post Void

POST VOID is an arcade-style first person shooter. You have one objective: be fast. Move forward and keep your idol filled with liquid by getting kills. Each run is procedurally generated to keep things challenging and exciting. Platforms TBA.

The Gecko Gods

Your goal is to explore a mysterious island as a tiny lizard. Climb cliffs, eat bugs and solve puzzles as you make your way across a civilization lost to time.

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Lone Ruin

Lone Ruin is a spell-based twin-stick shooter. Promising a lot pf replayability, you will be playing an explorer seeking out a mysterious ancient power in an old ruin built above a source of magical goop.

Completely Stretchy

Completely Stretchy is a first-person surreal cartoony experience. You will be exploring the Grombi Isles using your floppy abilities such as a stretchy arm, sticky fingers and more! The islands is also full of eccentric inhabitants with playful abilities.

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