Company Saying Stuff have announced Volume 1 of what they are calling their Super Rare Mixtape, to go on sale at 6PP BST on August 19th.

This mixtape is described as a curated collection of 30 retro games from small indie freeware developers covering a range of genres from first person shooters, platformers, visual novels, tower defenses and quick experimental ideas. It intends to be a showcase of the creators whose games may not have received a lot of attention.

The collection also includes 6 playable demos of upcoming commercial releases from indie developers to provide further promotion of these releases.

To promote the retro feel of the freeware games, the collection will be released on a USB key modeled after an audio cassette and also includes a custom launcher to make accessing the games easy.

Only 1,000 copies will be produced and can be ordered from here.

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