Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms have released a new playable preview on Steam for the upcoming real-time strategy game Tempest Rising.

Tempest Rising’s new playable Steam preview is available until Aug. 28, 2023. It features the full first single-player mission where you will have access to five playable GDF unit types, from the Drone Operator to the Sentinel Scout Car. The game promises a lot for RTS fans and newcomers to the genre to discover, as they’ll get a feel for base-building, intel, air strikes… and even classic gameplay elements like explosive barrels!

Tempest Rising promises a classic 90s era real time strategy experience blended with modern production methods. Set in an alternate timeline, where the Cuban Missile Crisis went nuclear. In the fallout from the war, a strange red electrical vine known as Tempest started spreading across the planet and changed the course of history.

The game can be found over on Steam.

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