While troubleshooting a somewhat unusual issue with one of the site’s RSS feeds for one of our regulars, it occurred to me that not only should I promote the various feeds that are available here at GeekJabber, I should also somewhat expand on them.

For those that are unfamiliar, RSS is a way of more easily keeping track of all the different content that gets published on your favourite websites, or at least those that provide a RSS feed. There are many RSS Reader apps that are available that allow you to subscribe to these feeds.

Thankfully, because this site uses WordPress, providing a RSS feed for all you lovely people to use is easy.

Of course, you can always visit our website to keep up to date on what we publish. We also provide two RSS feeds.

Our main RSS feed allows you to read all the content that gets published on the GeekJabber site.

If you just want to tune into the amateur production we call GeekJabber Live!, you can use our podcast’s RSS feed.

If you are a Discord user, you also have one other feed you can subscribe to. Our Discord server now has an Announcement channel so if you have your own Discord server, you can now subscribe and get notified when we publish something.

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